[World Tidal Site Selection]

Site Selection: Southern sites outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)

Please Note:
Where possible, use sites printed in boldface; other sites are from "legacy" data which may not be as dependable.
All sites ending in "Current" are current speed predictions.
All other sites are tidal height predictions.
See the FAQ List if you cannot find your site of interest.
[map] East Cape, New Zealand
[map] Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands (2)
[map] Suva Harbor, Viti Levu Island
[map] Suva, Suva Harbor, Fiji Islands
[map] Tolaga Bay (Cooks Cove), New Zealand
[map] Waipiro Bay, New Zealand
[map] Hicks Bay, New Zealand
[map] Gisborne, New Zealand
[map] Waikokopu, New Zealand
[map] Omaio Bay (Motunui Island), New Zealand
[map] Wairoa River, New Zealand
[map] Ohiwa, New Zealand
[map] Ohope Wharf, New Zealand
[map] Whakatane, New Zealand
[map] Moutohora (Whale) Island, New Zealand
[map] Napier, New Zealand
[map] Napier, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] Castlepoint, New Zealand
[map] Tauranga, New Zealand
[map] Slipper Island, New Zealand
[map] Tairua, New Zealand
[map] Whitianga, New Zealand
[map] Rocky Point (Thames), New Zealand
[map] Tryphena, New Zealand
[map] Coromandel Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Port Jackson, New Zealand
[map] Nagle Cove, New Zealand
[map] Cape Palliser, New Zealand
[map] Manawatu River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Man O' War Bay, New Zealand
[map] Mokohinau Island, New Zealand
[map] Matiatia Bay, New Zealand
[map] Whanganui River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Raglan, New Zealand
[map] Tiritiri Matangi Island, New Zealand
[map] Porirua Harbour (Plimmerton), New Zealand
[map] Aotea Harbour, New Zealand
[map] LPG Terminal, New Zealand
[map] Kawhia, New Zealand
[map] Mansion House Bay, New Zealand
[map] Onehunga, New Zealand
[map] Wellington, New Zealand
[map] Wellington, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] Auckland, New Zealand
[map] Murrays Bay, New Zealand
[map] Waikato River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Matakana River, New Zealand
[map] Weiti River, New Zealand
[map] Makara Bay, New Zealand
[map] Onetaunga Bay, New Zealand
[map] Oteranga Bay, New Zealand
[map] Cornwallis, New Zealand
[map] Fishermans Rock, New Zealand
[map] Tutukaka Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Paratutae Island, New Zealand
[map] Marsden Point, New Zealand
[map] Patea, New Zealand
[map] Shelly Beach, New Zealand
[map] Whangarei, New Zealand
[map] Whangarei, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] Whangaruru Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Okukari Bay, South Island, New Zealand
[map] Okukari Bay, South Island, New Zealand (2)
[map] Whangamumu Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Long Island, New Zealand
[map] Lucky Bay, New Zealand
[map] Cape Campbell, New Zealand
[map] Tinopai, New Zealand
[map] Whakapirau, New Zealand
[map] Waitara River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Pouto Point, New Zealand
[map] Te Iro Bay, South Island, New Zealand (2)
[map] Te Iro Bay, South Island, New Zealand
[map] Kahikatea (East Bay), New Zealand
[map] Opua, New Zealand
[map] Russell, New Zealand
[map] Island Point, New Zealand
[map] Port Underwood, New Zealand
[map] Waitangi, New Zealand
[map] Wakatahuri, New Zealand
[map] Doves Bay, New Zealand
[map] Portage, New Zealand
[map] Port Taranaki, New Zealand
[map] Picton, New Zealand
[map] Stephens Island, New Zealand
[map] Pelorus Sound Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Tikinui, New Zealand
[map] Waiiti Bay, New Zealand
[map] Okiwa Bay, New Zealand
[map] Catherine Cove, New Zealand
[map] Elmslie Bay, New Zealand
[map] Opunake Bay, New Zealand
[map] Greville, South Island, New Zealand
[map] Elaine Bay, New Zealand
[map] Havelock, New Zealand
[map] Whangaroa, New Zealand
[map] Croiselles, South Island, New Zealand
[map] Kaikoura, New Zealand
[map] Kohukohu, New Zealand
[map] Mangonui, New Zealand
[map] Opononi, New Zealand
[map] Sheigis Beacon, New Zealand
[map] Nelson, New Zealand
[map] Nelson, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] Dairy Factory Wharf, New Zealand
[map] Omaia Island, New Zealand
[map] Houhora River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Houhora Harbour (Pukenui Wharf), New Zealand
[map] Ahipara Bay, New Zealand
[map] Mapua, New Zealand
[map] Astrolabe Road, New Zealand
[map] Motueka, New Zealand
[map] Te Hapua, New Zealand
[map] Akaroa, New Zealand
[map] Tarakohe, New Zealand
[map] Motupipi Inlet, New Zealand
[map] Lyttelton, New Zealand
[map] Lyttelton, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] Collingwood, New Zealand
[map] Cape Maria van Diemen, New Zealand
[map] Whanganui Inlet, New Zealand
[map] Three Kings Islands (North West Bay), New Zealand
[map] Westport, New Zealand
[map] Timaru Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Greymouth, New Zealand
[map] Oamaru, New Zealand
[map] Hokitika River Bar, New Zealand
[map] Otago Harbour Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Dunedin, New Zealand
[map] Okarito, New Zealand
[map] Nugget Point, New Zealand
[map] Bruce Bay, New Zealand
[map] Campbell Island (Perseverance Harbour), New Zealand
[map] Haast River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Waipapa Point, New Zealand
[map] Jackson Bay, New Zealand
[map] Bluff, New Zealand
[map] Bluff, New Zealand (PCT)
[map] New River Entrance, New Zealand
[map] Oban, New Zealand
[map] Paterson Inlet, New Zealand
[map] Norfolk Island, Tasman Sea
[map] Colac Bay, New Zealand
[map] Anita Bay, New Zealand
[map] Bligh Sound, New Zealand
[map] George Sound, New Zealand
[map] Deep Cove, New Zealand
[map] Charles Sound, New Zealand
[map] Blanket Bay, New Zealand
[map] Ross Island, Antarctica
[map] Front Island, New Zealand
[map] Gilbert Islands, New Zealand
[map] Preservation Inlet, New Zealand
[map] Small Craft Harbour, New Zealand
[map] Fishing Bay, New Zealand
[map] Sealers Bay, New Zealand
[map] Many Islands, New Zealand
[map] Auckland Island (Carnley Harbour), New Zealand
[map] Nugu Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Bungana Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Honiara, Solomon Islands
[map] Thousand Ships Bay, Solomon Islands
[map] Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea
[map] Macquarie Island
[map] Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
[map] Mongo Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Viru, Solomon Islands
[map] Wagina Island, Solomon Islands
[map] Lolomo Passage, Solomon Islands
[map] Nususonga, Solomon Islands
[map] Blackett Strait, Solomon Islands
[map] Katurasele, Solomon Islands
[map] Gizo Anchorage, Solomon Islands
[map] Mellish Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Kieta Harbour, Solomon Islands
[map] Anewa Bay, Solomon Islands
[map] Cato Island, Coral Sea
[map] Soroken, Solomon Islands
[map] Cape Deliverance, Papua New Guinea
[map] Brunswick Heads, Australia
[map] Ballina, Australia
[map] Kingscliff, Australia
[map] Point Danger, Australia
[map] Tweed River, Australia
[map] Gold Coast Seaway, Australia
[map] Nerang River (Bundall), Australia
[map] Runaway Bay, Australia
[map] Tangalooma Point, Australia
[map] Waddy Point, Australia
[map] Yamba, Australia
[map] Northwest Solitary Island, Australia
[map] Brisbane Bar, Australia
[map] Brisbane Bar, Australia (2)
[map] Hati Lawi Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Bribie Island, Bongaree, Australia
[map] Caloundra Head, Australia
[map] Coffs Harbour, Australia
[map] Mooloolaba, Australia
[map] Noosa Head, Australia
[map] Brisbane Port Off., Australia
[map] Elbow Point, Australia
[map] South West Rocks, Australia
[map] Ungowa, Australia
[map] Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Boonlye Point, Australia
[map] Port Macquarie, Australia
[map] Urangan, Australia
[map] Camden Haven, Australia
[map] Misima, Papua New Guinea
[map] Crowdy Head, Australia
[map] Lady Elliot Island, Australia
[map] Harrington Inlet, Australia
[map] Sharp Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Forster, Australia
[map] Elliot Heads, Australia
[map] Gannet Cay, Australia
[map] Marion Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Bundaberg, Australia
[map] Lady Musgrave Island, Australia
[map] Duchateau Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Broughton Island, Australia
[map] Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Stephens, Australia
[map] Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
[map] Heron Island, Australia
[map] Newcastle, Australia
[map] Tryon Islet, Australia
[map] Clews Point, Australia
[map] Swansea, Australia
[map] Gatcombe Head, Australia
[map] Gosford, Australia
[map] Ettalong, Australia
[map] Pittwater, Australia
[map] Camp Cove, Australia
[map] Little Patonga, Australia
[map] Bell Cay, Australia
[map] Gladstone, Australia
[map] Sydney, Australia
[map] Sydney, Australia (2)
[map] Botany Bay, Australia
[map] Port Hacking, Australia
[map] Shortland Island, Solomon Islands
[map] East Diamond It., Coral Sea
[map] Basilaki, Pitt Bay, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Kembla, Australia
[map] East Cape, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Alma, Australia
[map] Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
[map] Rosslyn Bay, Australia
[map] Port Clinton, Australia
[map] Jervis Bay, Australia
[map] High Peak Island, Australia
[map] Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Ulladulla Harbour, Australia
[map] Alotau, Papua New Guinea
[map] Marquis Island, Australia
[map] Creal Reef, Australia
[map] Bugatti Reef, Australia
[map] Aigura Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Middle Island Anchorage, Australia
[map] Batemans Bay, Australia
[map] Moruya, Australia
[map] Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
[map] Bermagui, Australia
[map] Willis Island, Coral Sea
[map] Gabo Island, Australia
[map] Eden, Australia
[map] Penrith Island, Australia
[map] Unnamed Reef No. 2, Australia
[map] Scawfell Island, Australia
[map] Mcewin Islet, Australia
[map] Flock Pigeon Island, Australia
[map] St. Bees Island, Australia
[map] Sarina Inlet, Australia
[map] Tufi Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Carlisle Island, Australia
[map] Hay Point, Australia
[map] Mackay Outer Harbour, Australia
[map] Shaw Island, Australia
[map] Hook Island, Australia
[map] East Repulse Island, Australia
[map] Hayman Island, Australia
[map] Molle Island, Australia
[map] Shute Harbour, Australia
[map] Dedele Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Double Bay, Australia
[map] Flinders Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Oro Bay, Papua New Guinea
[map] Eddystone Point, Tasmania
[map] Kaligola Point, Papua New Guinea
[map] Lady Barron Harbour, Tasmania
[map] Bowen, Australia
[map] Swan Island, Tasmania
[map] Big River Cove, Tasmania
[map] Abbot Point, Australia
[map] Lakes Entrance, Australia
[map] Pirates Bay, Tasmania
[map] Spring Bay, Tasmania
[map] Dreger Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Finsch Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Impression Bay, Tasmania
[map] Cape Upstart, Australia
[map] Parsons Bay, Tasmania
[map] Cape Bowling Green, Australia
[map] Hobart, Tasmania
[map] Seeadler Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Bootless Inlet, Papua New Guinea
[map] Launceston, Tasmania
[map] Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
[map] Pith Reef, Australia
[map] Lae, Papua New Guinea
[map] Rib Reef, Australia
[map] Townsville, Australia
[map] Georgetown, Tasmania
[map] Unnamed Reef No. 1, Australia
[map] Rattlesnake Island, Australia
[map] Rabbit Island, Australia
[map] Port Welshpool, Australia
[map] Devonport, Tasmania
[map] Lucinda, Australia
[map] Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania
[map] Great Glennie Island, Australia
[map] Goold Island, Australia
[map] North Barnard Island, Australia
[map] Dunk Island, Australia
[map] Mourilyan Harbour, Australia
[map] Russell Island, Australia
[map] Cardwell, Australia
[map] High Island, Australia
[map] Bramble Cove, Tasmania
[map] Fitzroy Island, Australia
[map] Waratah Bay, Australia
[map] Green Island, Australia
[map] Burnie, Tasmania
[map] Madang Harbour, Papua New Guinea
[map] Cairns, Australia
[map] Kerema, Papua New Guinea
[map] Low Islets, Australia
[map] Port Douglas, Australia
[map] Bailay Creek, Australia
[map] Lizard Island, Australia
[map] Cape Flattery, Australia
[map] Stanley, Tasmania
[map] Cooktown, Australia
[map] Low Wooded Isle, Australia
[map] Cape Sorell, Pilot Bay, Tasmania
[map] Stony Point, Australia
[map] Pieman River, Tasmania
[map] Howick Island, Australia
[map] Melbourne, Australia
[map] Port Romilly, Papua New Guinea
[map] Stack Island, Tasmania
[map] Uramu Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Port Phillip Heads, Australia
[map] Kumul Tkr Mrg, Papua New Guinea
[map] Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
[map] Pipon Island, Australia
[map] Geelong, Australia
[map] Kikori, Papua New Guinea
[map] Goaribari Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Flinders Island, Australia
[map] Normanby River, Australia
[map] Creech Reef, Australia
[map] Grassy, King Island, Tasmania
[map] Raine Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Loutit Bay, Australia
[map] Omati, Papua New Guinea
[map] Surprise Bay, Tasmania
[map] Bramble Cay, Coral Sea
[map] Pelican Island (East Coast), Australia
[map] Umuda Island, Papua New Guinea
[map] Darnley Island, Coral Sea
[map] Fife Island, Australia
[map] Morris Island, Australia
[map] Apollo Bay, Australia
[map] Wewak, Papua New Guinea
[map] Night Island, Australia
[map] Restoration Island, Australia
[map] Sir Chas Hardy Island, Australia
[map] Portland Roads, Australia
[map] Rennel Island, Coral Sea
[map] Cape Grenville, Australia
[map] Piper Island, Australia
[map] Daru, Papua New Guinea
[map] Coconut Island, Torres Strait
[map] Port Campbell, Australia
[map] Dungeness Reef, Coral Sea
[map] Hannibal Island, Australia
[map] Cairncross Island, Australia
[map] Warrnambool, Australia
[map] Kirkcaldie Reef, Torres Strait
[map] Tern Island, Australia
[map] Harrington Reef, Endeavour Strait
[map] Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica
[map] Saibai Island, Torres Strait
[map] Albany Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Suarji Island, Torres Strait
[map] East Strait Island, Torres Strait
[map] Twin Island, Torres Strait
[map] Possession Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Red Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Ince Point, Torres Strait
[map] Tarilag Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Moa Island, Torres Strait
[map] Thursday Island, Torres Strait
[map] Turtle Head, Torres Strait
[map] Round Island, Torres Strait
[map] Goods Island, Torres Strait
[map] Herald Camp, Endeavour Strait
[map] Hawkesbury Island, Torres Strait
[map] Crab Island, Endeavour Strait
[map] Bampfield Head, Endeavour Strait
[map] Booby Island, Torres Strait
[map] Weipa, Australia
[map] Pennefather River, Australia
[map] Archer River, Australia
[map] Portland, Australia
[map] Proudfoot Shoal, Torres Strait
[map] Port Martin, Antarctica
[map] Vanimo, Papua New Guinea
[map] Karumba, Australia
[map] Port Macdonnell, Australia
[map] Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
[map] Beachport, Australia
[map] Kingston, Australia
[map] Sweers Island, Australia
[map] Robe (offshore), Australia
[map] Bayley Island, Australia
[map] Victor Harbor, Australia
[map] Brighton, Australia
[map] Adelaide Inner Harbour, Australia
[map] Port Noarlunga, Australia
[map] Adelaide Outer Harbour, Australia
[map] Second Valley, Australia
[map] Cape Jervis, Australia
[map] Port Pirie, Australia
[map] Hog Bay, Australia
[map] Port Broughton, Australia
[map] Ardrossan, Australia
[map] Port Vincent, Australia
[map] Redcliff, Australia
[map] Port Augusta, Australia
[map] American River, Australia
[map] Edithburgh, Australia
[map] Wool Bay, Australia
[map] Kingscote, Australia
[map] Wallaroo, Australia
[map] Whyalla, Australia
[map] Emu Bay, Australia
[map] Port Victoria, Australia
[map] Port Turton, Australia
[map] Cape Elizabeth, Australia
[map] Vivonne Bay, Australia
[map] Turtle Islet, Australia
[map] Stenhouse Bay, Australia
[map] Port Langdon, Australia
[map] Centre Island, Australia
[map] Pondalowie Bay, Australia
[map] Jensen Bay, Australia
[map] Gove Harbour, Australia
[map] Cape Grey, Australia
[map] Arno Bay, Australia
[map] Wedge Island, Australia
[map] Hopeful Bay, Australia
[map] Milner Bay, Australia
[map] Guluwuru Island, Australia
[map] Port Neill, Australia
[map] Thistle Island, Australia
[map] Mallison Island, Australia
[map] Taylors Landing, Australia
[map] Port Lincoln, Australia
[map] Rose River, Australia
[map] Nw Crocodile Island, Australia
[map] Yabooma Island, Australia
[map] Elliston, Australia
[map] Greenly Island, Australia
[map] Pearson Island, Australia
[map] Entrance Island, Australia
[map] Blanche Port, Australia
[map] Thevenard, Australia
[map] North Goulburn Island, Australia
[map] St. Francis Island, Australia
[map] Cape Croker, Australia
[map] Port Eyre, Australia
[map] Two Hills Bay, Australia
[map] Cape Don, Australia
[map] Camp Point, Australia
[map] Cape Hotham, Australia
[map] Darwin, Australia
[map] Night Cliff, Australia
[map] Snake Bay, Australia
[map] Tapa Bay, Australia
[map] Burge Point, Australia
[map] St. Asaph Bay, Australia
[map] Daly River, Australia
[map] Port Keats, Australia
[map] Pearce Point, Australia
[map] Turtle Point, Australia
[map] Newby Shoal, Australia
[map] Eucla, Australia
[map] Pelican Island (North Coast), Australia
[map] Cape Domett, Australia
[map] Lacrosse Island, Australia
[map] Adolphus Island, Australia
[map] Wyndham, Australia
[map] Pender Point, Australia
[map] Reveley Island, Australia
[map] Cape Whiskey, Australia
[map] Lesueur Island, Australia
[map] Echo Shoal, Australia
[map] Napier Broome Bay, Australia
[map] Geranium Harbour, Australia
[map] Jar Island, Australia
[map] Troughton Island, Australia
[map] Port Warrender, Australia
[map] Cassini Island, Australia
[map] Baudin Island, Australia
[map] Cape Voltaire, Australia
[map] Jabiru, Australia
[map] Pee Shoal, Australia
[map] White Island, Australia
[map] Hall Point, Australia
[map] Shale Island, Australia
[map] Degerando Island, Australia
[map] Heywood Shoal, Australia
[map] Macleay Island, Australia
[map] Derby, Australia
[map] Yampi Sound, Australia
[map] Browse Island, Australia
[map] Bedford Island, Australia
[map] Goose Island, Australia
[map] Sunday Island, Australia
[map] Adele Island, Australia
[map] Karrakatta Bay, Australia
[map] Ashmore Reef, Australia
[map] Red Bluff, Australia
[map] Broome, Australia
[map] Lynher Bank, Australia
[map] Esperance, Australia
[map] Scott Reef, Australia
[map] Lagrange Bay, Australia
[map] Mary Ann Haven, Australia
[map] Bedout Islet, Australia
[map] North Turtle Islet, Australia
[map] Port Hedland, Australia
[map] Albany, Australia
[map] Depuch Island, Australia
[map] Port Walcott, Australia
[map] Hauy Islet, Australia
[map] Cape Legendre, Australia
[map] Dampier, Australia
[map] Fortescue Road, Australia
[map] Steamboat Island, Australia
[map] Windy Harbour, Australia
[map] Fremantle, Australia
[map] Warnbro Sound, Australia
[map] Bunbury, Australia
[map] Two Rocks Marina, Australia
[map] Barrow Island - Tkr Mrg, Australia
[map] Rottnest Island, Australia
[map] Trimouille Island, Australia
[map] North West Island, Australia
[map] Large Islet, Australia
[map] Barrow Island, Australia
[map] Busselton, Australia
[map] Lancelin, Australia
[map] Flinders Bay, Australia
[map] Onslow, Australia
[map] Cervantes, Australia
[map] Hamelin Bay, Australia
[map] Jurien Bay, Australia
[map] Cowaramup, Australia
[map] Serrurier Island, Australia
[map] Geraldton, Australia
[map] Port Gregory, Australia
[map] Hamelin Pool, Australia
[map] Point Murat, Australia
[map] Kalbarri, Australia
[map] Exmouth, Australia
[map] Learmonth, Australia
[map] Tantabiddi, Australia
[map] Easter Group, Australia
[map] Point Maud, Australia
[map] Monkey Mia, Australia
[map] Norwegian Bay, Australia
[map] Carnarvon, Australia
[map] North Island, Australia
[map] Denham, Australia
[map] Useless Loop, Australia
[map] Withnell Point, Australia
[map] Casey, Antarctica
[map] Christmas Island
[map] Port Refuge, Cocos Islands
[map] Davis, Antarctica
[map] Heard Island, Antarctica
[map] Mawson, Antarctica
[map] Durban, South Africa
[map] Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
[map] Rocas, Atol das, Brazil
[map] Cabedelo, Brazil
[map] Tambau, Brazil
[map] Recife, Brazil
[map] Natal, Brazil
[map] Maceió, Brazil
[map] Royal Bay (Moltke Harbor), South Georgia
[map] Rio São Francisco (bar), Brazil
[map] Leith Harbor, South Georgia
[map] Macau, Rio Acu, Brazil
[map] Aracaju, Brazil
[map] Fortaleza, Brazil
[map] Aratu, Brazil
[map] Salvador, Brazil
[map] Rio Ceara (bar), Brazil
[map] Abrolhos Anchorage, Brazil
[map] Morro de São Paulo, Brazil
[map] Canavieiras, Brazil
[map] Camamu, Brazil
[map] Ilhéus, Brazil
[map] Santa Cruz Cabrália, Brazil
[map] Caravelas, Brazil
[map] Cumuruxatiba, Brazil
[map] Vitória, Brazil
[map] Guarapari, Brazil
[map] Camocim, Brazil
[map] São João da Barra, Brazil
[map] Luis Correia, Brazil
[map] Macaé (Imbitiba Bay), Brazil
[map] Armacao dos Buzios, Brazil
[map] Cabo Frio, Brazil
[map] Tutóia, Baia da, Brazil
[map] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
[map] Santana, Recifes de, Brazil
[map] Itacurussa, Brazil
[map] São Luís, Brazil
[map] Angra dos Reis, Brazil
[map] Scotia Bay, Laurie Island, South Orkneys
[map] Parati, Brazil
[map] Ilhas de São João, Brazil
[map] São Sebastião, Brazil
[map] Santos, Brazil
[map] Salinópolis, Brazil
[map] Canal de Braganca, Rio Pará entrance, Brazil
[map] Cananéia, Brazil
[map] Paranaguá, Brazil
[map] Belém, Pará, Brazil
[map] Pôrto Belo, Brazil
[map] Florianópolis, Brazil
[map] Imbituba, Brazil
[map] Itajaí, Brazil
[map] Laguna, Brazil
[map] Ilha do Brigue, Amazon River, Brazil
[map] Ilha de Maraca anchorage, Brazil
[map] Ponta Pedreira, Amazon River, Brazil
[map] Macapá, Amazon River, Brazil
[map] Stanley Harbor, Falkland Islands
[map] Port Louis (Berkeley Sound), Falkland Islands
[map] Admiralty Bay, South Shetlands
[map] Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetlands
[map] Hanga Piko, Easter Island
[map] Mataiva, Tahiti
[map] Fare Ute Point, Papeete Harbor, Tahiti
[map] Pago Pago, American Samoa
[map] Pago Pago, American Samoa (2)
[map] Canton Island, Phoenix Islands
[map] Apia, Samoa Islands
[map] Raoul Island, New Zealand

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