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Japan and nearby sites (North to South)

Site names ending in “Current” are current speed predictions. All other sites are tidal height predictions.

Ostrov Atlasova, Kurile Islands

Kotomari, Kurile Islands

Mys Savushkina, Kurile Islands

Zaliv Kozyrevskogo, Kurile Islands

Bukhta Babushkina, Kurile Islands

Bukhta Shelekhovo, Kurile Islands

Bukhta Krasheninikova, Kurile Islands

Yotuiwa, Kurile Islands

Zaliv Tukharka, Kurile Islands

Mys Kapuetnyi, Kurile Islands

Siomi Ura, Kurile Islands

Bukhta Blakiston, Kurile Islands

Ostrov Kharimkotan, Kurile Islands

Higasi Ura, Kurile Islands

Otome Wan, Kurile Islands

Ostrov Matua, Kurile Islands

Ostrov Ushishir, Kurile Islands

Bukhta Broutona, Kurile Islands

Zaliv Mil'na, Kurile Islands

Suna Wan, Kurile Islands

Yosinohama, Kurile Islands

Zariv Natalii, Kurile Islands

Reyd Otkrytyy, Kurile Islands

Mys Etolina, Kurile Islands

Soya Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan

Sibetoro, Hokkaido, Japan

Hunadomari, Hokkaido, Japan

Moyoro Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan

Hama-Onisibetu, Hokkaido, Japan

Syamanbe, Hokkaido, Japan

Bakkai, Hokkaido, Japan

Kahuka (Rebun-To), Hokkaido, Japan

Nayoka, Hokkaido, Japan

Osidomari, Hokkaido, Japan

Kutugata, Hokkaido, Japan

Esasi (Kitami), Hokkaido, Japan

Hitokappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Naibo Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Iriribusi, Hokkaido, Japan

Omu, Hokkaido, Japan

Monbetu, Hokkaido, Japan

Tomamae, Hokkaido, Japan

Koiseboi, Hokkaido, Japan

Nikisiyoro, Hokkaido, Japan

Hurukamappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Abasiri, Hokkaido, Japan

Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan

Rumoi, Hokkaido, Japan

Syakotan, Hokkaido, Japan

Tomari Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Taraku Sima, Hokkaido, Japan

Hamamasu, Hokkaido, Japan

Odaito, Hokkaido, Japan

Suisyo Sima, Hokkaido, Japan

Kamui Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan

Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan

Hanasaki, Hokkaido, Japan

Osyoro, Hokkaido, Japan

Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

Otiisi, Hokkaido, Japan

Kiritappu, Hokkaido, Japan

Akkesi Ko, Hokkaido, Japan

Akkesi, Hokkaido, Japan

Iwanai, Hokkaido, Japan

Kusiro, Hokkaido, Japan

Suttu, Hokkaido, Japan

Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan

Usu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan

Setana, Hokkaido, Japan

Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan

Higasi-Sizunai, Hokkaido, Japan

Tokati, Hokkaido, Japan

Mituisi, Hokkaido, Japan

Osirabetu, Hokkaido, Japan

Rubesibetu, Hokkaido, Japan

Okusiri, Hokkaido, Japan

Urakawa, Hokkaido, Japan

Mori, Hokkaido, Japan

Aonae, Hokkaido, Japan

Erimo, Hokkaido, Japan

Syoya, Hokkaido, Japan

Utaro, Hokkaido, Japan

Erimomisaki, Hokkaido, Japan

Usuziri, Hokkaido, Japan

Esasi (Hiyama), Hokkaido, Japan

Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

Kobui, Hokkaido, Japan

Siokubi Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan

Toi, Hokkaido, Japan

Wakimoto, Hokkaido, Japan

Kiyobe, Hokkaido, Japan

Oma, Aomori, Japan

Yosioka, Hokkaido, Japan

Matumae, Hokkaido, Japan

Ohata, Aomori, Japan

Siriyamisaki, Aomori, Japan

Siriya, Aomori, Japan

Sekinehama, Aomori, Japan

Tappi Saki, Aomori, Japan

Ominato, Aomori, Japan

Horozuki, Aomori, Japan

Minmaya, Aomori, Japan

Kodomari, Aomori, Japan

Siranuka, Aomori, Japan

Tomari, Aomori, Japan

Kominato, Aomori, Japan

Moura, Aomori, Japan

Asamusi, Aomori, Japan

Nohezi, Aomori, Japan

Aomori, Aomori, Japan

Azigasawa, Aomori, Japan

Hukaura, Aomori, Japan

Iwasaki, Aomori, Japan

Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan

Iwadate, Akita, Japan

Yagi, Iwate, Japan

Nosiro, Akita, Japan

Kuzi (Iwate), Iwate, Japan

Oga, Akita, Japan

Hunagawa, Akita, Japan

Akita, Akita, Japan

Miyako, Iwate, Japan

Yamada, Iwate, Japan

Kamaisi, Iwate, Japan

Konoura, Akita, Japan

Ohunato, Iwate, Japan

Sakata, Yamagata, Japan

Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan

Kamo, Yamagata, Japan

Yura (Yamagata), Yamagata, Japan

Sizugawa, Miyagi, Japan

Nezugaseki, Yamagata, Japan

Hunagosi Wan, Miyagi, Japan

Awa Sima (Niigata), Niigata, Japan

Onagawa, Miyagi, Japan

Isinomaki, Miyagi, Japan

Oginohama, Miyagi, Japan

Nobiru Wan, Miyagi, Japan

Isihama (Matusima Wan), Miyagi, Japan

Siogama-Minatobasi, Miyagi, Japan

Wasizaki, Niigata, Japan

Ayukawa, Miyagi, Japan

Hanabutihama, Miyagi, Japan

Siogama-Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

Iwahune, Niigata, Japan

Yuriage, Miyagi, Japan

Ryotu, Niigata, Japan

Hutami (Mano Wan), Niigata, Japan

Niigata, Niigata, Japan

Sooma, Fukusima, Japan

Matukawaura, Fukusima, Japan

Ogi, Niigata, Japan

Teradomari, Niigata, Japan

Izumozaki, Niigata, Japan

Zige, Ishikawa, Japan

Ottozawa, Fukusima, Japan

Wazima, Ishikawa, Japan

Kasiwazaki (Niigata), Niigata, Japan

Matunami, Ishikawa, Japan

Tomioka (Hukusima), Fukusima, Japan

Nakai Iri, Ishikawa, Japan

Anamizu, Ishikawa, Japan

Naoetu, Niigata, Japan

Sora, Ishikawa, Japan

No0, Niigata, Japan

Yotukura, Fukusima, Japan

Nanao, Ishikawa, Japan

Miyazaki (Toyama), Toyama, Japan

Onahama, Fukusima, Japan

Taki, Ishikawa, Japan

Ao, Toyama, Japan

Ikuzi, Toyama, Japan

Ootu, Ibaraki, Japan

Husiki, Toyama, Japan

Toyama, Toyama, Japan

Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan

Hitati, Ibaraki, Japan

Nakaminato, Ibaraki, Japan

Mikuni, Hukui, Japan

Hukui, Hukui, Japan

Saigo, Simane, Japan

Hisi Ura, Simane, Japan

Hinotu Ura, Simane, Japan

Urago, Simane, Japan

Titii, Simane, Japan

Kasima, Ibaraki, Japan

Sinti (Tyosi), Tiba, Japan

Tyosi-Gyoko, Tiba, Japan

Nyu, Hukui, Japan

Inubo Saki, Tiba, Japan

Naarai, Tiba, Japan

Hunabasi, Tiba, Japan

Itikawa, Tiba, Japan

Ine, Kyoto, Japan

Tukizi, Tokyo, Japan

Turuga, Hukui, Japan

Harumi (Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan

Kasumi, Hyogo, Japan

Sibayama, Hyogo, Japan

Tuiyama, Hyogo, Japan

Sibaura, Tokyo, Japan

Inaba-Aziro, Tottori, Japan

Samugawa, Tiba, Japan

Tai, Kyoto, Japan

Taziri, Tottori, Japan

Kaga, Simane, Japan

Sitirui, Simane, Japan

Tiba Light, Tiba, Japan

Haneda, Tokyo, Japan

Sakai (Tottori), Tottori, Japan

Siizaki, Kyoto, Japan

Utiura Wan, Hukui, Japan

Itihara, Tiba, Japan

Sima Saki, Kyoto, Japan

Akasaki, Tottori, Japan

Etomo, Simane, Japan

Kawasaki (Siohama Unga), Kanagawa, Japan

Daikon Sima, Simane, Japan

Obama, Hukui, Japan

Wada, Hukui, Japan

Anesaki, Tiba, Japan

Maizuru (Higasi-Ko), Kyoto, Japan

Suehiro (Turumi), Kanagawa, Japan

Yodoe, Tottori, Japan

Maizuru (Nisi Ko), Kyoto, Japan

Sagi, Simane, Japan

Uppurui Wan, Simane, Japan

Yokohama-Sinko, Kanagawa, Japan

Yasugi, Simane, Japan

Yokohama Sin-Yamasita, Kanagawa, Japan

Yonago, Tottori, Japan

Negisi, Kanagawa, Japan

Taisya, Simane, Japan

Kimitu, Tiba, Japan

Daiiti Kaiho, Tiba, Japan

Naga Ura, Kanagawa, Japan

E-No-Sima, Kanagawa, Japan

Sinzyuku Wan (Zusi), Kanagawa, Japan

Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan

Hasirimizu, Kanagawa, Japan

Uraga, Kanagawa, Japan

Kurihama, Kanagawa, Japan

Odawa Wan, Kanagawa, Japan

Kaneda Wan, Kanagawa, Japan

Aburatubo, Kanagawa, Japan

Makuti, Kanagawa, Japan

Manazuru, Kanagawa, Japan

Moroiso, Kanagawa, Japan

Kazusa-Katuura, Tiba, Japan

Mukogasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

Tagonoura, Sizuoka, Japan

Zyo-Ga-Sima, Kanagawa, Japan

Iwaihukuro, Tiba, Japan

Yunotu, Simane, Japan

Kamogawa, Tiba, Japan

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Aziro (Sizuoka), Sizuoka, Japan

Okitu, Sizuoka, Japan

Hunakata, Tiba, Japan

Gotu, Simane, Japan

Mito (Utiura), Sizuoka, Japan

Simizu, Sizuoka, Japan

Miho, Sizuoka, Japan

Tateyama, Tiba, Japan

Ito, Sizuoka, Japan

Kawana, Sizuoka, Japan

Yokkaiti, Mie, Japan

Mera, Tiba, Japan

Sirahama (Tiba), Tiba, Japan

Onizaki, Aichi, Japan

To-No-Ura (Hamada), Simane, Japan

Taketoyo, Aichi, Japan

Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

Yaizu, Sizuoka, Japan

Ugusu, Sizuoka, Japan

Gamagori, Aichi, Japan

Miya, Aichi, Japan

Terazu, Aichi, Japan

Aioi, Hyogo, Japan

Tago, Sizuoka, Japan

Himezi-Sikama, Hyogo, Japan

Hirohata, Hyogo, Japan

Katanohara, Aichi, Japan

Okada (O Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Susaki (Aiti), Aichi, Japan

Utu, Yamaguti, Japan

Ako (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japan

Katakami, Okayama, Japan

Saku Sima, Aichi, Japan

Takasago, Hyogo, Japan

Sirahama (Izu), Sizuoka, Japan

Toyohasi, Aichi, Japan

Tu, Mie, Japan

Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan

Higasi-Harima, Hutami-Hyogo, Japan

Morozaki, Aichi, Japan

Habu (Izu-O Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Ie Sima (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japan

Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Maisaka, Sizuoka, Japan

Okawati Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Otabu Sima, Okayama, Japan

Sagara, Sizuoka, Japan

Sino Sima, Aichi, Japan

Izumi Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Mera-Koura, Sizuoka, Japan

Simoda, Sizuoka, Japan

Tatuma Saki, Aichi, Japan

Akasi, Hyogo, Japan

Aziro (Hidakatu), Nagasaki, Japan

Karumo Sima, Hyogo, Japan

Osaka, Osaka, Japan

Esaki, Yamaguti, Japan

Hukue (Aiti), Aichi, Japan

Sasuna, Nagasaki, Japan

Minami Izu-Koine, Sizuoka, Japan

Tarumi, Hyogo, Japan

Usimado, Okayama, Japan

Akabane, Aichi, Japan

Ezaki, Hyogo, Japan

Iwaya (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan

Kogusi, Okayama, Japan

Matusaka, Mie, Japan

Omae Saki, Sizuoka, Japan

Hoden, Okayama, Japan

Irago, Aichi, Japan

Sakai (Osaka Wan), Osaka, Japan

Ina, Nagasaki, Japan

Kami Sima, Aichi, Japan

Obe, Kagawa, Japan

Murotu (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan

Kariya (Osaka Wan), Hyogo, Japan

Mizusima, Okayama, Japan

Osika Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Uzi-Yamada, Mie, Japan

Izumi-Otu, Osaka, Japan

Kasaoka, Okayama, Japan

Uno, Okayama, Japan

Hukuyama, Hirosima, Japan

Nyube, Kagawa, Japan

Toba, Mie, Japan

Ei, Hyogo, Japan

Kisiwada, Osaka, Japan

Kario, Nagasaki, Japan

Miyanoura (Nao Sima), Kagawa, Japan

Saga (Tusima), Nagasaki, Japan

Sakate (Syodo Sima), Kagawa, Japan

Hagi, Yamaguti, Japan

Ogi Sima, Kagawa, Japan

Simotui, Okayama, Japan

Zizo Saki, Kagawa, Japan

Tuna Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Odomari (Senzaki), Yamaguti, Japan

Onomiti, Hirosima, Japan

Tiromo, Nagasaki, Japan

Yuya, Yamaguti, Japan

Itozaki, Hirosima, Japan

Nabe Sima, Kagawa, Japan

Tomo, Hirosima, Japan

Tuneisi, Hirosima, Japan

Yo Sima, Kagawa, Japan

Aoki, Kagawa, Japan

Ko-Sagi Sima, Hirosima, Japan

Matoya, Mie, Japan

Mawari, Nagasaki, Japan

Enoura (Mekari Seto), Hirosima, Japan

Hirosima, Hirosima, Japan

Takamatu, Kagawa, Japan

Kamoise, Nagasaki, Japan

Oyama Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Sanagi, Kagawa, Japan

Sumoto, Hyogo, Japan

Tadanoumi, Hirosima, Japan

Takehara, Hirosima, Japan

Tannowa, Osaka, Japan

Gokasyo, Mie, Japan

Hiru-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Huke, Osaka, Japan

Kottoi, Yamaguti, Japan

Ozaki Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Sakaide, Kagawa, Japan

Sikine Sima, Tokyo, Japan

Simayama, Nagasaki, Japan

Hamazima, Mie, Japan

Itukusima, Hirosima, Japan

Manzeki-Eastern-Ent., Nagasaki, Japan

Manzeki-Thuo, Nagasaki, Japan

Manzeki-Western-Ent., Nagasaki, Japan

Marugame, Kagawa, Japan

Modo Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Setoda, Hirosima, Japan

Takesiki, Nagasaki, Japan

Mikata (Aso Wan), Nagasaki, Japan

Ohunakosi, Nagasaki, Japan

Oki-No-Sima, Wakayama, Japan

Anaga Ura, Hyogo, Japan

Awasima (Bisan Seto), Kagawa, Japan

Habu (In-No-Sima), Hirosima, Japan

Ono Seto, Hirosima, Japan

Yosizu, Mie, Japan

Yura (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan

Eta Uti, Hirosima, Japan

Hukura, Hyogo, Japan

Mino, Hirosima, Japan

Takahama, Nagasaki, Japan

Aziro (Naruto), Tokusima, Japan

Hiketa, Kagawa, Japan

Kitadomari, Tokusima, Japan

Komoda, Nagasaki, Japan

Koyo, Hirosima, Japan

Kure, Hirosima, Japan

Magosaki, Tokusima, Japan

Donoura, Tokusima, Japan

Nagahama (Hiro Wan), Hirosima, Japan

Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan

Izuhara, Nagasaki, Japan

Kozu Sima, Tokyo, Japan

Nagasima (Mie), Mie, Japan

Ondo Seto, Hirosima, Japan

Mitarai, Hirosima, Japan

Tosadomari, Tokusima, Japan

Iwakuni, Yamaguti, Japan

Kunehama, Nagasaki, Japan

Hayase Seto, Hirosima, Japan

Kainan, Wakayama, Japan

Oku-No-Uti, Hirosima, Japan

Awazu, Tokusima, Japan

Kan-Onzi, Kagawa, Japan

Hasihama, Ehime, Japan

Kuru Sima, Ehime, Japan

O Sima (Kurusima), Ehime, Japan

Simotu, Wakayama, Japan

Tutu, Nagasaki, Japan

Ie-No-Sima, Ehime, Japan

Muroo, Hirosima, Japan

Yosimo, Yamaguti, Japan

Ako (Miyake Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Imabari, Ehime, Japan

Karoto-Ko Seto, Hirosima, Japan

Owase, Mie, Japan

Kikuma, Ehime, Japan

Mitaziri, Yamaguti, Japan

Tokuyama, Yamaguti, Japan

Sirasima, Hukuoka, Japan

Tyohu, Yamaguti, Japan

Komatusima, Tokusima, Japan

Kudamatu, Yamaguti, Japan

Misima (Hiuti Nada), Ehime, Japan

Oura (Sekito Seto), Ehime, Japan

Takihama, Ehime, Japan

Dannoura (Simonoseki), Yamaguti, Japan

Hurue, Mie, Japan

Iwaguro, Yamaguti, Japan

Maeda, Yamaguti, Japan

Niihama, Ehime, Japan

Onoda, Yamaguti, Japan

Uwama, Ehime, Japan

Aohama, Hukuoka, Japan

Haedomari, Yamaguti, Japan

Izaki, Yamaguti, Japan

Kariya (Suo Nada), Yamaguti, Japan

Kazi-Ga-Hana, Hukuoka, Japan

Nasake Sima, Yamaguti, Japan

Obatake, Yamaguti, Japan

Simonoseki Sanbasi, Yamaguti, Japan

Tanoura, Hukuoka, Japan

Yura (Kii Suido), Wakayama, Japan

Iwaya (Hukuoka), Hukuoka, Japan

Mozi, Hukuoka, Japan

Nigisima, Mie, Japan

Saizyo, Ehime, Japan

Ube, Yamaguti, Japan

Waita, Hukuoka, Japan

Wakamatu-Hibikinada, Hukuoka, Japan

Desimatu, Yamaguti, Japan

Doi, Yamaguti, Japan

Gogo Sima, Ehime, Japan

Hii Wan, Wakayama, Japan

Hirao, Yamaguti, Japan

Ooyamanohana, Yamaguti, Japan

Seitetu-Tobata-Hakuti, Hukuoka, Japan

Tanokubi, Yamaguti, Japan

Tomioka (Kii Suido), Tokusima, Japan

Hiagari, Hukuoka, Japan

Higasi-Agenosyo, Yamaguti, Japan

Kasiwabara, Hukuoka, Japan

Tikuzen Oosima, Hukuoka, Japan

Tobata, Hukuoka, Japan

Wakamatu (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japan

Kanezaki, Hukuoka, Japan

Mio, Wakayama, Japan

Sunatu, Hukuoka, Japan

Matuyama, Ehime, Japan

Oki (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japan

Sinmozi, Hukuoka, Japan

Tatibana, Tokusima, Japan

Yahata, Hukuoka, Japan

Katumoto, Nagasaki, Japan

Konominato, Hukuoka, Japan

Oki-Kamuro Sima, Yamaguti, Japan

Murotu (Kaminoseki), Yamaguti, Japan

Asibe, Nagasaki, Japan

Kanda, Hukuoka, Japan

Tuyazaki, Hukuoka, Japan

Ao Sima, Ehime, Japan

Gonoura, Nagasaki, Japan

Hime Sima, Oita, Japan

Hiwasa, Tokusima, Japan

Udono, Mie, Japan

Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan

Kakazi, Oita, Japan

Saito Saki, Hukuoka, Japan

Kii-Katuura, Wakayama, Japan

Unosima, Hukuoka, Japan

Nagahama (Iyo Nada), Ehime, Japan

Hakata Hukuoka, Hukuoka, Japan

Hakata-Hunadamari, Hukuoka, Japan

Nakatu, Oita, Japan

Takada, Oita, Japan

Kannoura, Koti, Japan

Susami, Wakayama, Japan

Uragami, Wakayama, Japan

Yobuko, Saga, Japan

Nagoya Ura, Saga, Japan

Koti, Koti, Japan

Karatu, Saga, Japan

Kariya (Saga), Saga, Japan

Kusimoto, Wakayama, Japan

Mitukue, Ehime, Japan

Yawatahama, Ehime, Japan

O-Tobi Sima, Nagasaki, Japan

Susaki (Koti), Koti, Japan

Kuroko Sima, Nagasaki, Japan

Usuka Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Yobokori, Ehime, Japan

Hizi, Oita, Japan

Sin-Mikuriya, Nagasaki, Japan

Utinoura, Ehime, Japan

Kamegawa, Oita, Japan

Okuti Wan, Ehime, Japan

Hase, Saga, Japan

Murotu (Koti), Koti, Japan

Ko-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Murotozaki, Koti, Japan

Oita-Turusaki, Oita, Japan

Nisi-Oita, Oita, Japan

Saganoseki, Oita, Japan

Sita Ura, Oita, Japan

Uwazima, Ehime, Japan

Kusudomari, Nagasaki, Japan

Wakatu, Saga, Japan

Siziki Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Suminoe, Saga, Japan

Ainoura, Nagasaki, Japan

Huehuki, Nagasaki, Japan

Noto (Hiburi Sima), Ehime, Japan

Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan

Haiki Jetty (N.side), Nagasaki, Japan

Haiki Jetty (S.side), Nagasaki, Japan

Kaminato (Hatizyo Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Tomarigauti, Oita, Japan

Tawara-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Kogo Saki, Nagasaki, Japan

Yaene (Hatizyo Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Sukui-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan (2)

Hatakezimo, Nagasaki, Japan

Kodai, Nagasaki, Japan

Nakura, Nagasaki, Japan

Ogusi Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Omodaka Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Tukumi, Oita, Japan

Inoura, Nagasaki, Japan

Magome, Nagasaki, Japan

Kasiwazaki (Ehime), Ehime, Japan

Miike, Hukuoka, Japan

Sakito, Nagasaki, Japan

Aokata, Nagasaki, Japan

Arikawa, Nagasaki, Japan

Kazura, Oita, Japan

O Sima (Saeki Wan), Oita, Japan

Saiki-Nagasima, Oita, Japan

Iino Seto, Nagasaki, Japan

Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Takezaki Sima (Oura), Saga, Japan

Matusima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japan

Arakawa, Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasu, Kumamoto, Japan

Katasima (Sukumo Wan), Koti, Japan

Omura, Nagasaki, Japan

Miyanoura (Oita), Oita, Japan

Wakamatu (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan

Hunamawari Wan, Nagasaki, Japan

Kanbe, Nagasaki, Japan

Simabara-Sinkoo, Nagasaki, Japan

Inokusi, Oita, Japan

Kamae, Oita, Japan

Tosa-Simizu, Koti, Japan

Simabara, Nagasaki, Japan

Aba, Nagasaki, Japan

Koe, Nagasaki, Japan

Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan

Miiraku, Nagasaki, Japan

Mizu-No-Ura (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan

Mizu-No-Ura (Kyusyu/w.), Nagasaki, Japan

Togi Ura, Nagasaki, Japan

Matugae, Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki Megami, Nagasaki, Japan

Nezumi Sima, Nagasaki, Japan

Hukue (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan

Io Sima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japan

Hukahori, Nagasaki, Japan

Arakawa (Tamanoura), Nagasaki, Japan

Sugawa, Nagasaki, Japan

Takasima, Nagasaki, Japan

Misumi, Kumamoto, Japan

Tamanoura, Nagasaki, Japan

Tomie, Nagasaki, Japan

Kutinotu, Nagasaki, Japan

Zozo-No-Seto, Kumamoto, Japan

Kabasima Suido, Nagasaki, Japan

Tomioka (Amakusa), Kumamoto, Japan

Yanagi-No-Seto, Kumamoto, Japan

Kaga Sima, Kumamoto, Japan

Yatusiro, Kumamoto, Japan

Totoro, Miyazaki, Japan

Hondo, Kumamoto, Japan

Hososima, Miyazaki, Japan

Oomon, Kumamoto, Japan

Ike-No-Ura, Kumamoto, Japan

Mimitu, Miyazaki, Japan

Sakitu Wan, Kumamoto, Japan

Minamata, Kumamoto, Japan

Usibuka, Kumamoto, Japan

Hukuro Ura, Kumamoto, Japan

Akune, Kagosima, Japan

Me Sima, Nagasaki, Japan

Nakagawara Ura, Kagosima, Japan

Sendai (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan

Oryuzako, Miyazaki, Japan

Utiumi, Miyazaki, Japan

Kusikino, Kagosima, Japan

Tosaki, Kagosima, Japan

Sonoyama, Kagosima, Japan

Kagosima, Kagosima, Japan

Aburatu, Miyazaki, Japan

Humoto, Kagosima, Japan

Tonoura (Miyazaki), Miyazaki, Japan

Tarumizu, Kagosima, Japan

Sibusi, Kagosima, Japan

Hukusima (Sibusi Wan), Miyazaki, Japan

Kanoya, Kagosima, Japan

Kiire, Kagosima, Japan

Bodomari, Kagosima, Japan

Makurazaki, Kagosima, Japan

Yamagawa, Kagosima, Japan

Izasiki, Kagosima, Japan

Odomari (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan

Iozima (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan

Nisinoomote, Kagosima, Japan

Tanowaki, Kagosima, Japan

Tori Sima, Tokyo, Japan

Isso, Kagosima, Japan

Kuti-Erabu Sima, Kagosima, Japan

O Ura (Tane-Ga-Sima), Kagosima, Japan

Gazya Sima, Kagosima, Japan

Satomura (Naka-No-Sima), Kagosima, Japan

Takara Sima, Kagosima, Japan

Kasari Wan, Kagosima, Japan

Naze, Kagosima, Japan

Uken, Kagosima, Japan

Nisikomi Wan, Kagosima, Japan

Kuzi Wan (Osima Kaikyo), Kagosima, Japan

Sumiyo Wan, Kagosima, Japan

Koniya, Kagosima, Japan

Uke Sima, Kagosima, Japan

Sanmura Wan, Kagosima, Japan

Wadomari, Kagosima, Japan

Titi Sima, Tokyo, Japan

Gakiya, Okinawa, Japan

Hentona, Okinawa, Japan

Ada, Okinawa, Japan

Ie (Okinawa), Okinawa, Japan

Unten, Okinawa, Japan

Toguti, Okinawa, Japan

Oki (Haha Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Sukku, Okinawa, Japan

Isikawa, Okinawa, Japan

Toya, Okinawa, Japan

Nakazato, Okinawa, Japan

Gima, Okinawa, Japan

Awase, Okinawa, Japan

Hesikiya, Okinawa, Japan

Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Naha, Okinawa, Japan (2)

Zamami, Okinawa, Japan

Tokasiki, Okinawa, Japan

Baten, Okinawa, Japan

Itoman, Okinawa, Japan

Ohu, Okinawa, Japan

Kobi Syo, Okinawa, Japan

Minami-Daito Sima, Okinawa, Japan

Uoturi Sima, Okinawa, Japan

Ikema, Okinawa, Japan

Sarahama, Okinawa, Japan

Hirara, Okinawa, Japan

Nagayama, Okinawa, Japan

Nisi (Io-Sima), Tokyo, Japan

Kubura, Okinawa, Japan

Hikawa (Yonakuni Sima), Okinawa, Japan

Sirahama (Iriomote), Okinawa, Japan

Hunauki, Okinawa, Japan

Isigaki, Okinawa, Japan

Haderuma, Okinawa, Japan

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